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About Me

Foto: Radu Bighiu
WEB Developer

I'm working with The WWW since 2000...

 I have built this website to serve as a portal, containing information about contract, freelance work and to share my knowledge with others.

 My best skills are PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, Flash Communication/Media Server and Internet Broadcasting.

 In my work I'm using Windows XP Professional with Cygwin to bring linux flexibility on windows and Debian 4.0 as a Linux environment, production server for web development, Intranet/Internet and firewall security.

 I offer support for WebMails, Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM, DNS, IIS, Routers, Firewall's, etc... a wide variety of open-source software such as Apache, ProFTPD, Linux and installing of various Content Management Systems such PHP-Nuke, Post Nuke, XOOPS, Joomla... or eCommerce Systems.

 I'm writing HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, ActionScript or similar programming by hand using EditPlus as an editor.

For big projects I'm using Adobe Products (Dreamwaver, Flash, Photoshop), Zend Development Environment and SQLyog Enterprise.

 Other indispensable tools are Total Commander, WinSCP, WinMerge.
 In web development I'm using diffrents API's and frameworks like: Smarty, FCK Editor; Yahoo UI and Google APIs; Walter Zorn's Librarys, Prototype, script.aculo.us and jQuery for WEB 2.0 applications.

For graphics and photo editing I'm using with success Adobe® Photoshop® CS and ImageMagick™ for fast automated commandline/web editing.

USER TESTIMONIALS: What other say about me

Foto: Gheorghe Ion, President - Asociatia Haemophilia Romania Gheorghe Ion
Many thanks for the excellent site you have designed and built for us and for the web presence you have provided us with. The web site you created for our association is well indexed in all search engines, which is very useful for our clients who need our help. I was also very pleased with the timeliness of your response.

Foto: Cristian Bobes, Manager IT Consulting Cristian Bobes
(Business Consult Team)
I have repeatedly asked Mr. Radu Bighiu for advice on various hardware issues and I have been amazed at how quickly he can find PC failures just from a simple description of the failure simptoms. I have often used the on-line services of Mr. Radu Bighiu and I have always been very pleased with the results.

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